kontakta oss

All email adresses is written with
Arne Nilsson
+46 13 465 20 11
+46 708 28 24 92

Martin Hedman
+46 13 465 20 13
+46 708 28 17 32
Lasse Svensson
+46 13 465 20 12
+46 708 23 92 48
We work with…

Our areas of expertise lie primarily in organisation development and leadership, both in shortterm consultation assignments and in larger projects as leaders or resources in order to help you or your business develop and achieve results.

Thanks to our previous work at Linköping University, we have managed to build a large contact network including both private and public businesses.

The link to the university also involves complementary profiles, for instance Martin who works with the national network IUC where he is the responsible coordinator. In addition, Lasse is part of a long-term assignment developing Linköping University’s contacts of regional collaboration whereas Arne’s main responsibility is our Leadership Development Programme.